Acción Poética (Poetic Action) is a social movement initiated by Armando Alanis Pulido in 1996 which redefined urban poetry as such. Their members write interesting phrases on the city´s streets walls.

Crossing out the “en” the sense of the sentence changes from “I believe in a better world” to ” I create a better world”.

The content of the sentences are generally optimistic, thoughts of love and phrases quoted from poets, writers, musicians … Signed by “Acción poética”.

“If you can dream of it, you can get it”

Acción poética has fifteen years of existence and is now present in Mexico, Argentina, Lima, Venezuela, Spain and other Spanish speaking countries.
Have you ever seen one of their paintings in Buenos Aires?

Finally I would like to add a smart reflexion by Jonathan Peter Lombardo: “When I recently visited Argentina for the first time I noticed that graffiti has a different tone than in the states.. people who engage in this public demonstration are focused on message content far more than they are just tagging their names on a wall. Though I don’t support the vandalism of property (in any manner), I hold some regard for those who chose to send an encouraging message to others, or raise awareness/demonstrate against corrupt politicians. I saw a great deal of that in Buenas Aires and Córdoba”.

Marina Boschi