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Jazz Festival

The Jazz Brothers Festival is an event that takes place only in The Brothers Club | Palermo, performances by the Under Jazz Porteño. Free Entrance || Happy Hour until 10 pm || Craft Brewery || Wine Bar || all night open kitchen || Cocktails. This Saturday (October 19th) and the next one (October 26th). Niceto [...]

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The connectors are used for many things but mainly for these 6 cases: 1) to link similar ideas or to add an idea: Otra vez (again), de nuevo (again / one more time), también / además (also), y (and), igualmente (in the same way), de igual importancia (as important as...), asimismo / de la misma [...]

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The largest rodent in the world!

The Carpincho (capybara) it is the largest rodent in the world, for wich is considered a giant guinea pig. It is an amphibious herbivorous rodent (they eat marshes, grasses and riverin herbs), whose adult weighs about 55 kg, mesures more than 1 meter long and 50 cm high. It is a robust animal, tailless, with [...]

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The uses of the “H”

When do we use H in Spanish? When words start with two vowels (diptongo): HIA- (hiato) HIE- (hierro / hielo) HUE- (hueso / hueco) HUI- (huír) When the infinitive verb start with H, any of its conjugation also start with H: HACER (hago / hice / haré) HABER (he / hube / habré) HABLAR (hablo [...]

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Iguazú Nacional Park

Inside the Iguazú National Park are the Iguazú Falls. Located in the mossionary jungle, it corresponds to an ecological reserve of 250,000 km2 shared with Brazil, recognized for the beauty of its landscapes as one of the seven natural wonders of the world and a World Heritage Site by Unesco. Among its main attractions is [...]

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The Yacaré

The Yacarés inhabit northeastern Argentina, its largest distribution is in Mesopotamia. You can find Yacarés in the province of Misiones, Corrientes, Formosa and part of Santa Fe, Entre Ríos, Chaco and Salta. Some of the sites where colonies of Yacarés can be observed are: Esteros del Iberá (Corrientes), Iguazú National Park (Misiones), PreDelta National Park [...]

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Lets practice adjectives!!

Some exercises for you to practice changing adjectives into masculine, femimnine, singular or plural because of the noun. Sonia es ________(tall) y __________(beautiful). La casa de pablo es toda ________(red). Tu teléfono suena muy __________(loud). Este té ya está ________(cold). Sus manos siempre están _________(hot). Él tiene ojos _______(blue). Ayer me compre un par de [...]


"Bariloche" derived from the word mapuche vuriloche, which means "people from behind the mountain". Bariloche, is a city located in the province of Río Negro, Argentina. It is located in the Nahuel Huapi National Park. It is the most visited destination in Patagonia and one of the most visited destinations in Argentina. It receives around [...]

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