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From January 23 to February 1, the best of international theater in Buenos Aires. The International Festival of Buenos Aires, FIBA, brings together in each edition the best of theater, music, visual arts and dance. It has been, since 1997, one of the most important cultural events in the region, both for the international visits [...]

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Top 10 Argentine foods

Argentine food is one of the tastiest in the world, especially thanks to the incredible fresh materials enjoyed by Argentines, especially meat. Argentina has developed over the years a rich and varied gastronomy, so in today's post we will present 10 typical Argentine foods: 1) Bife de Chorizo (Chorizo ​​steak) Talking about typical Argentine food [...]

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Practice Present

My neighbors. Write the present form of the verb: 1) Pedro...................(vivir) con su familia en mi edificio. 2) Lucía, la esposa de Pedro, no.....................(trabajar) todos los días. 3) La hija, Mercedes, .....................(estudiar) en la universidad. 4) Lucía y su esposo .................(planear) visitar a Mercedes esta semana. 5) Juan, el hijo, ahora .................(subir) a su apartamento. [...]

Ciudanza: Dance in the City

A festival to understand and live our city in a different way, where dance is the discipline and the city the stage. This project invites you to live an experience of artistic intervention in urban landscapes, rediscovering the green spaces and the architectural heritage of the city. The scenarios are open sky, generating new situations [...]

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Feria Plaza Dorrego

The historic neighborhood of San Telmo changes its physiognomy during the weekend. Its streets become pedestrian to give rise to one of the most emblematic antiques and crafts fairs in Argentina and Latin America. Around the Dorrego Square, old houses of the nineteenth century are still preserved, some transformed into cafes, restaurants and boutique hotels. [...]

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Buenos Aires Beach

As every year, during the summer, the Government of the City of Buenos Aires launches the Buenos Aires Playa program. This is developed within the Children's Park and the Indo-American Park. They are artificial sandy beaches with umbrellas, sun loungers, showers and have different activities for families to enjoy the sun and the outdoors. There [...]

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