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Vamos a sugerirte algunas técnicas para aprender español, por ejemplo, el método SMART que sirve para plantearse objetivos de aprendizaje. OBJETIVOS Específicos: Definir qué aspecto concreto o qué nivel de español querés alcanzar en un periodo de tiempo. Medibles: Establecer cómo medir tu progreso, por ejemplo, aprender 30 palabras por semana o mantener un diálogo de [...]

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The tragic story of the architect who designed the Colón Theater and Congreso building in Buenos Aires

Colón theater, when it was yet a project....   Vittorio Meano had been born in 1860 in Susa, a small Italian city about 50 kilometers from Turin. At 18 he graduated as a geometer and then studied architecture and engineering, where he met who he considered his teacher, Francesco Tamburini. When Tamburini traveled to Argentina, [...]

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Friend´s day

Friend's Day is an Argentine invention, which found inspiration in an unknown dentist, musician and professor of psychology, philosophy and history in a very special way. On July 20, 1969, a man stepped on the Moon for the first time. That day Enrique Ernesto Febbraro had a sudden idea: connect with the rest of the [...]

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Expressions using “DAR”

The Spanish verb "Dar" is a verb that you can use in many expressions. "Dar" literally means "to give". It can also means "to hand", "to pass" and "to deliver". But we also use the verb Dar to express an emotion that we are feeling. For example: Me da vergüenza hablar en público The literal [...]

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Best restaurants in BA 1

From a classic grill to a Korean-Argentine canteen, where to eat in the city, according to the prestigious gastronomic magazine "Eater". As the Gastronomic Capital of Ibero-America 2017, Buenos Aires has an inexhaustible cuisine proposal to taste the best recipes. The city of Buenos Aires has one of the tastiest cuisines internationally and has received [...]

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Corrientes Av. Theatres

Corrientes Street is one of the iconic avenues of Argentina, which transforms every night into the meeting point. Known as "The street that never sleeps", the theaters make the traditional street an obligatory meeting point of Buenos Aires cultural life. Know them: Apollo (Corrientes 1372) Billboard Astral (Corrientes 1639) Billboard Astros (Currents 746) Billboard Broadway [...]

Dar, haber, hacer y tener

Dar, haber, hacer, and tener in expressions with a special meaning These verbs appear frequently in idiomatic expressions. Many are formed with a conjugated verb + an infinitive, called formas perifrásticas or perífrasis verbales in Spanish. Learn them as lexical (vocabulary) items. Note the use of the present tense in the examples with dar, haber, [...]