Everyone, regardless of the passport they hold, can be treated under the Argentinean National Health service. It is not the best service in the world, but unless you get seriously ill or injured it will cover most of what you’ll need. If you are not then you can either take out a policy or extend your current policy for travel to Argentina or buy insurance when you get to Argentina . We have not listed companies in Buenos Aires here because, in general, your local health centre/hospital will offer paid medical coverage. It’s best that you find one locally and then sign up.

Travel/Health insurance

If you pay for your trip using a credit card, some type of medical cover is sometimes included. Check with your card issuing company.
Two worldwide companies that offer travel/health insurance are:

  • Assist Card 
  • American Express (check with your local AMEX office for details)

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If you want to shop around some more then take a look at the Quotesmith site and start shopping for insurance.