It’s not impossible to be a vegetarian in Buenos Aires, but it’s not easy. There are a few vegetarian restaurants, but only a few, and most platos del día at cheaper restaurants include meat of some variety. Nonetheless, the situation is not as desperate as it might seem. Large salads with a healthy mix of ingredients are not too difficult to find on any menu and it’s not unusual to come across milanesas de soja (breaded and fried soya); a la napolitana means it comes with cheese and tomato. Pasta al pesto or al fileto (with tomato sauce) is another possibility – also note that the stuffed pasta which is so popular in Argentina is more often filled with vegetarian options such as spinach, nuts and ricotta cheese than meat. Buenos Aires’ trilogy of favourite pizzas, napolitana (with fresh tomato), muzzarella (mozzarella cheese and tomato) and fugazza (with onions), are meat free, as is the classic accompaniment, fainá , a pizza-shaped Genovese speciality made with chickpea dough, whose fairly bland but agreeable flavour is a surprisingly good complement to the more assertive pizza. Another standby is tarta de acelga or espinacas (spinach tart) and tortilla española (omelette with potato and onion). You needn’t miss out on empanadas either; try queso y cebolla (cheese and onion) or humita (sweetcorn). If you do find yourself faced with a particularly meaty menu, it’s always worth asking if the restaurant can fix you something else – Porteño waiters are generally amenable and used to dealing with fairly demanding customers.

Stores of natural products


Abuela Pan
Bolivar 707 – San Telmo
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Arte Sano
Mansilla 2760
Tel. 49-63-15-13

Humboldt 1899 – Palermo
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Chile 1763 – Centro
Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Buen Gusto
Blanco Encalada 2722 – Belgrano
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Dietética Córdoba
Av. Córdoba 1557

El Guiso
México 481 – Centro
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ever Green
Cadeia de bufês
Paraná 746
Sarmiento 1728 – Cabildo 1979 – Tenedor libre.

Esmeralda 370 – Centro
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Av. Belgrano 3331 – Centro
Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Mexico 424 – Centro
Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Av. Mitre 920 – San Miguel
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Andonaegui 2054
Ciudad de Buenos Aires
TE: (011) 4523-4504/4232

Florida, 126 y 467
Bufê (tenedor libre).
Krishna veggie lunch
Malabia 1833
Ciudad de Buenos Aires
TE: (011) 4833-4618

La Esquina de las Flores
Córdoba 1599 – Medrano 632 – Almagro
Comida ótima. Loja de produtos naturais.
Buenos Aires, Argentina
La Esquina de las Flores
Av. Córdoba 1587 – Tel. 48-13-36-30
Gurruchaga 1632 – Tel. 48-32-85-28

La Reina Kunti
Humahuaca 3461
Ciudad de Buenos Aires
TE: (011) 4863-3071

Los sabios
Av. Corrientes 3733
Cap. Fed.
Buenos Aires Argentina
Fone: 4864-4407

Av. Córdoba 1577
Tel. 48-14-45-53/52
Sendero vegetal
Av. Díaz Velez 4417 – Centro
Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Siempre verde
Arribeños 2127 – Belgrano
Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Arribeños 2221 – Belgrano
Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Soy shu
Av. José de la Roza 223 (O)
Ciudad de San Juan
Provincia de San Juan
TE: 0264-4221939

Marcelo T. de Alvear 628, Loc. 30
Tel. 43-11-09-72

Ying yan
Paraguay 858 – Tel. 43-11-77-98 / 37-88
Echeverria 2444 – Tel. 47-83-15-46 / 47-88-43-68

Stores of natural products

La Esquina de las Flores
Córdoba 1599