About internet in Buenos Aires

It is hard to walk more than a few blocks in Buenos Aires without passing an internet café or 'locutorio'. Prices vary, but are generally U$S 0,75 or less per hour. There is little else to choose between them. If you wish to rent a laptop or notebook, click here for further information. Wi-Fi services [...]

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How much money should I bring?

You should budget to spend between 500 US Dollars (spartan life) to 1,200 US Dollars (good life) a month. ESTIMATED PRICE LIST This is a general list (in argentine pesos), intended for informational purposes, since the price range is wide and the offer varied. ACCOMMODATION 5 star hotel: double room: $ 850 4 star hotel: [...]

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Local Currency

Argentina's currency is know as the Peso. It's symbol is the same as the US Dollar so don't get confused. 15$ is 15 Pesos, 15 US$ or U$S is 15 US Dollars. There are 100, 50, 20, 10, 5 and 2 notes and 1, 0.5, 0.25, 0.10 and 0.05 cent coins. To find out your [...]

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Safety situation

In Buenos Aires the most frequent problems involve bag snatching. Be alert: con-men have robbed tourists while an accomplice pretends to help remove ketchup or mustard which has been "accidentally" sprayed on them. Another common occurrence is the slitting of handbags in crowded places. Be particularly attentive in popular tourist areas, such as San Telmo [...]

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Passports, visas and further information

No vaccination certificate is required to enter the country. PASSPORT Passport valid for 6 months required by all except nationals of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay who, for journeys that do not go beyond Argentina and these five countries, may use their national ID cards. While you are in Buenos Aires, we recommend [...]

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Domestic flights in Argentina

Aerolineas Argentinas, Southern Winds, LADE, Austral and LAN Argentina operate domestic flights. Domestic flights and flights to Uruguay depart from Jorge Newbery Airport, normally referred to simply as "Aeroparque" -around six kilometres north of the city center, besides the Río de la Plata. Airport taxes range from $ 7.05 to U$S 8. Domestic flights schedule [...]

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City transport

Buenos Aires is served by an extensive, cheap and - generally - efficient public transport service. The easiest part of this system to come to grips with is undoubtedly the underground railway or subte which serves most of the city centre and the north of the city. Really to get around, however, you'll need to [...]

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About getting around

Central Buenos Aires is a great place to tour on foot, but like all capital cities it is large, so if you want to go further afield use the public transport. Public transport in Buenos Aires is generally safe and efficient, the "Subte" (Subway/Underground) is the easiest to use. It serves the city centre and [...]

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