I’m enjoying another beautiful day here in Bariloche. I caught the bus headed out on the Circuito Chico, and got off 17km. from town at Cerro Campanario, where they have a lift to the top and what National Geographic deemed one of the top ten views in the world. (At least according to the guide that Matt worked with yesterday).
School of Spanish - Verbum
    I decided to save my AR$22 (chairlift), and hump it on up there. It only took about 1/2 hour, but it was a workout. The grade was ridiculous and it was mostly dusty scree. This in my leather Clark’s shoes. I went looking for some decent hiking boots in my size on Monday. I must have gone to every place in town and everything was too small. ¡Mis pies son gigantes! I was hunting for budget boots, but it looks like I’m going to have to spring for some Merrils or Solomons which will set me back about $280 pesos. Sure, it’s the equivalent of what they cost back home, but I’m in a peso frame of mind now. All I can think is I really need these, but OUCH! 
      Anyway, at the top it was simply breathtaking. (See pic, though you really have to be there to really sense the grandeur) There were the high Andean peaks to the East, still caped in snow. The view was quite close to 360º. The lakes of the region with their amazingly blue waters glimmered in the sun. I spent a couple hours up there, ate my packed lunch, absorbed it all and worked my way down the mountain trying not to fall on my ass. I succeeded, and then caught the bus heading back towards town. I asked to be dropped off at kilometer 11. Why? The Blest brewery.
      I went in and ordered a pint of Bock. It was pretty delicious and helped wash the trail dust down. The brewhouse was right there in the restaurant. The cervecero was brewing a batch of bock. I chatted him up a little (as much as I could in Spanish), telling him that I made beer in the states and a little about the Moat and our beers. He was a fast talking Argentino, and lost me at times, but he told me a bit about the different breweries around here and the history of the craft in this region. There was a bored looking kid filling and capping bottles right out of one of the service vessels, and another guy humping bags of barley in preparation for the next brew. It was a familiar scene. I ate my peanuts and sipped my beer and bid everyone a “Chau, gracias.”
     So now in “my” house  resting my feet. Bariloche is Ok in my book. I’ve tacked on a picture of the town from across the lake and one facing West towards the Andes from a good vantage point. I’ve only just cracked the surface of this incredible place. There is so much to see!

School of Spanish - Verbum - Bariloche Bariloche city

School of Spanish - Verbum - Bariloche Siete Lagos

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