Have you ever thought about acquiring work experience in your field of study while learning a new language? If this is your next project, we offer an array of Internship programs in Buenos Aires. The aim of all Professional Customized Internship Programmes is to provide professional experience in your field of study within a well-established company, and to provide networking opportunities with the personnel themselves. Your fellow staff members will help to consolidate your knowledge of the Spanish language; in addition, you will get to know a new culture by working alongside it.

  • Because it gives you the opportunity to develop your Spanish skills in the profession of your choice.
  • Because the diverse culture of the Argentine population, mainly Latin-European in nature, will enrich your experience.
  • Because you will gain new perspectives by living in a different culture.
  • Because the work environment is ideal for learning quickly and precisely thanks to the good-will and solidarity of the people.
  • Because the environment is creative and versatile, you will be able to react quickly in times of crisis thanks to your experience in this setting.
  • Because you will have the opportunity to apply theory to real world situations.
  • Because you will gain an international professional experience for your resume.
  • You will be placed in an internship according to your needs and the skills that the company is seeking.
  • You will receive constant support from the local staff.
  • If you need your internship to meet specific requirements for academic purposes, you can design your own placement accordingly.
  • You will access to a 24 – hour telephone line to assist you with personal, social, legal, or any other problems that you may encounter during your stay in Argentina.
  • You will have the opportunity to take Spanish courses in preparation for your internship (optional).
  • We can arrange accommodations for your stay (optional).
  • After finishing the internship, you’ll receive a certificate from the company as well as a certificate of participation in the Verbum Intensive Training Program.
  • National and International business
  • International Relations
  • Accounting
  • Foreign Commerce
  • Marketing
  • Law
  • Sales
  • Economy and Finance
  • Logistics
  • Medicine
  • Odontology
  • Psychology and Therapy
  • Tourism
  • Hotel Management
  • Film Direction and Production
  • Cinematic photography
  • Computer science
  • Advertising and Public Relations
  • Fashion Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Architecture
  • Civil and Industrial Engineering
  • Others.
The number of placements for our internships is not limited and almost every field of study is available. We will search for currently available placements and inform you of existing opportunities. You only need to tell us what kind of work interests you and we will find the internship that best fits your needs.
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