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Fundación Proa

An Italian recycled mansion from the late 19th century was the starting point for a contemporary art center. The building dialogues with the neighborhood through its transparent facades providing an unprecedented landscape of the city of Buenos Aires. At Proa Foundation they respect and aim to take care of the environment, both in their facilities [...]


Tales for not sleeping In the Planetarium it is not worth sleeping. We will discover planets, nebulas, galaxies, thousands of stars in the sky, to draw constellations and tell the most beautiful stories under the starry sky! And don't forget ... The one who falls asleep ... loses! When? From 9/1 Tuesday to Friday: 3:00 [...]

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The most famous street in the neighborhood of La Boca, named Caminito, is a compendium of streets, a museum with open sky exposure, a pedestrian promenade where you can breathe and dance tango. It is worth taking a leisurely stroll among the dozens of craft and painting stalls that capture the Buenos Aires spirit. In [...]

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El Teatro Colón

Considered one of the five best theaters in the world for its size, acoustic and architecture, the Teatro Colón is a must for anyone visiting Buenos Aires. Whether to take a guided tour of its interiors; to see an Opera, a Ballet or a Concert; or just to appreciate the building from the outside, the [...]

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The Valley of the Moon

The Valley of the Moon is a strange clay formation, with a great variety of shades, shapes and slopes with multilayers of minerals and sediments, which allows spying on the evolution of the Earth in the Triassic period. Located about 273 km from the capital of San Juan (North Argentina) Ischigualasto Provincial Park opens its [...]

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