Buenos Aires is a city known for its steaks, but luckily there are restaurants serving tasting and fresh veggie and vegetarian fare. Most of them are in the touristic areas of the city (Palermo, San Telmo) and have a casual and homey atmosphere.
Here some of them:
BIO restaurant in Buenos Aires
It was one of the first organic restaurants of Buenos Aires. It is a small restaurant in a corner of beautiful Palermo area. On the menu, there are empanadas, a traditional meal here, stuffed with ingredients based on what arrives daily from an organic local producer as well as many other options.
Bio: Humboldt 2192; (54-11) 4774-3880; biorestaurant.com.ar


Kensho restaurant in Buenos Aires

This restaurant has an Asian bent and is located in Palermo neighborhood. You feel as eating at a close friend’s house: seating entails floor couch pillows and low black tables.. Despite the informal setup, dishes are impressive. Kensho’s chef and owner, Máximo Cabrera, was formerly head chef at Bio.

El salvador 5783, Palermo.; http://kensho-restaurante.blogspot.com.ar/


It is a vegan fast food located in downtown, at 102 Florida st. It is not a gourment option, but it is one of the few (but the only) vegan option along the famous and plenty of stores & restaurants Florida st.

Spanish School in Buenos Aires - Picnic restaurant


I know only two in Buenos Aires. They both offer empanadas whose dough, made with whole rice flour, is crustier than the traditional variety.

One of them is located in Belgrano neighbourhod, “La casa de Ohsawa”, opened from Monday to Saturday from 11 am to 11 pm. It is at 415 Ciudad de la Paz st. The website is www.lacasadeohsawa.com.ar They also offer meals to go.
The other one, “Hato Mugi” only works as a restaurant on Saturdays at noon. But you can buy delicious and unexpensive food from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 8 pm. It is at 3622 Tucumán st. in Palermo. They have a fan page on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hatomugicocinamacrobiotica?fref=ts

Marina Boschi