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Irregular Verbs in Present

Irregular verbs in the present tense: Many Spanish verbs do not follow the patterns of the regular verbs you have just studied. Instead, they change the root (or radical) of the verb, the conjugation endings, or both. Because they follow different patterns, they are considered irregular verbs. Since irregular verbs are so commonly used, a [...]

Irregulars in the Future

Here you have a list with the irregular verbs in the Simple Future: Caber (to fit): yo cabré, vos cabrás, el/ella/usted cabrá, nosotros cabremos, ustedes/ellos/ellas cabrán. Decir (to said / to tell): yo diré, vos dirás, el/ella/usted dirá, nosotros diremos, ustedes/ellos/ellas dirán. Haber (to be / to have): yo habré, vos habrás, el/ella/usted habrá, nosotros [...]