Come and learn Spanish with us! Located in the heart of Buenos Aires, Verbum – Spanish School – offers a variety of Spanish courses in Buenos Aires aimed to suit the different needs and purposes of a wide range of students and travellers combined with online Spanish courses, accommodation in Buenos Aires, volunteer opportunities, internships, tango and salsa classes. Learn Spanish and enjoy Buenos Aires! Our Spanish courses are the best way to learn Spanish. You can study Spanish at our school in Buenos Aires or you can also learn Spanish online.

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Study Spanish with us! Learn how to speak Spanish fast. High standard of Spanish, effective, successful & tailor-made courses. Highly qualified, experienced, patient and enthusiastic staff. That is what you can expect of our classes and teachers here at Verbum, as well as the possibility to experience cultural and leisure activities while getting to know Argentina and its people. The most popular course options among our students are the Intensive Spanish courses and the Super-intensive Spanish courses, closely followed by the Regular Spanish course and one-on-one lessons. We also offer language Spanish classes for children and teens. Besides, we provide preparation for internationally recognized examinations and special Spanish lessons, such as Spanish for business, Medical Spanish, and crash courses as well as online courses to learn Spanish online.

Here you can see our most popular Spanish courses in Buenos Aires to learn Spanish

Course Type Hours/Week Spanish
Prices (in US Dollars)
Group Private 1 Week 2 Weeks 3 Weeks 4 Weeks
Intensive Spanish Group 20 All $165 $325 $485 $645
Regular Spanish Group 10 All $110 $215 $320 $425
Super Intensive Mixed 20 10 All $345  $680 $1020 $1360
One to One at school or

Online Spanish classes

Private Upon request All $ 24 per hour

Our Spanish lessons are offered during the morning, afternoon and evening. On request we also offer Spanish lessons on Saturdays. We also offer online Spanish classes Mondays to Sundays.

Verbum can also arrange your accommodation, whether in a private apartment, shared apartment, hostel, bed & breakfast, traditional hotel, or in a home-stay with a carefully selected family. Home-stays are an excellent option to learn Spanish and practice the language, as well as they allow you to experience life in the city firsthand from an Argentine perspective. Staying with a family while taking a course with us is the best way to learn Spanish.

Study Spanish with us while you live in Buenos Aires and learn how to speak Spanish! You can also learn Spanish online before coming!

We can connect you with a number of different volunteer programs that offer the opportunity to live and work in Argentina while you learn Spanish. These programs typically cover a wide variety of opportunities and interests to help you practice and rapidly improve your Spanish, and at the same time help those who need it. Participation in a volunteer opportunity is an excellent way to immerse oneself in Buenos Aires´s way of life. Studying and working in a Spanish speaking country is the best way to learn Spanish. A volunteer program opens the door to many new and exciting opportunities. It also opens hearts and gives you the wonderful chance to experience local life first-hand and give a little something to the community.

You decide the duration of your volunteer program, but you should bear in mind that all positions are organized based on a minimum term of four weeks.

Our volunteer placements are available all year long.

Study Spanish with us while volunteering! You can also start to learn Spanish online before coming to Argentina!

If your project is acquiring working experience in the field you would like to work in, while taking Spanish classes, we offer you the opportunity for Internship programs in Buenos Aires. This challenging experience will prepare you for the future and you will also have the chance to get involved and immerse yourself into the local culture and working environment.

An internship program is a period of time spent training with an organization or company, in a position related to your field of study. It will give you useful work experience in order for you to develop your future career.

In this case, both you and your host institution will benefit since you can exchange knowledge and ideas that will help you to develop within your profession. You will also gain self-confidence, improve your Spanish and be able to live in a different working environment whilst learning new skills from participating in different projects.

Internships act as a learning process, you are placed in an Argentinean organization or company in a position related to your study field, where you will gain useful work experience for your future professional career.

As well as achieving international experience and acquiring new skills for your CV, you will be able to develop Spanish as a second language. Studying and working in a Spanish speaking country is the best way to learn Spanish.

The number of placements for our internships is not limited and almost every field of study is available. We will start the search of placements currently available and tell you the opportunities we have. You only need to tell us what kind of work you would like to perform and we will find the internship that best fits your needs.

You decide the duration of your internship program, but all positions are organized based on a minimum term of eight weeks and a maximum of six months. When sending your application form, please note that the placement process may take up to 4 weeks before your position is confirmed.

Our internship placements are available all year long. Study Spanish with us before or during your internship. We also offer Spanish classes in the afternoon / evening and online Spanish classes.

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