Charles Broughtonn

The course was tailored to our needs and current levels of comprehension and was very flexible in creating a timetable and class hours to fit with our available time. Our teachers were excellent; showing patience, enthusiasm and encouragement. With their guidance we greatly improved our understanding of the language.

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Andrea Novak

It was a pleasure to study and learn Spanish at Verbum this week. For the past 5 days, we studied in semi private and private classes. The teacher in our semi private class (for 2 o us), Romina, was excellent. She explained concepts and rules about Spanish clearly and easily! The tutors in my private [...]

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Luke Cornwell

The staff and students at Verbum are like one big happy family. All the teachers are very professional and organised. Very friendly, caring staff and fun outings. If you are serious about learning Spanish, then Verbum is excellent value for money. Marina genially cares about all of the students.

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