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    • Flexible time options
    • Top qualified teachers
    • E-book and multimedia e-learning platform
    • All levels available (A1-C2)
    • You can set your starting date
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    Boost Your Skills Before Going to Study Spanish in Buenos Aires

    Are you planning a trip to Buenos Aires to study Spanish? Taking an online course before you depart is an excellent way to brush up and build confidence.

    Most people who travel to Argentina for an immersion experience are doing it to improve their listening and speaking skills. Online Spanish courses are not the same as living in Buenos Aires of course, but they can be the next best thing, to get you used to the way native Spanish people speak. It can give you a distinct advantage, for when you finally arrive in Argentina and need to communicate in Spanish all the time.

    PRICE: learn Spanish online from US $ 18 / hour

Learn Spanish Online Talking with a Native Speaking Teacher of Spanish  in a real-time, private conversation. Contact us and Start Achieving your Goals!

From US $ 18/hour !

Our online Spanish Classes are designed for students to learn as though they were in the classroom. We bring our expertise in teaching high-quality Spanish to our online Spanish classes, providing you with the benefits of in-classroom learning while meeting your needs as a virtual student. Whether you want to learn conversational Spanish, become a fluent Spanish speaker, or get ready for a trip to a Spanish speaking country, Verbum has an online Spanish course for you.

Our target are those people who, by any reason, are not able to attend a traditional class. The hectic schedule of many professionals, students or people with families often leaves little free time for going to Spanish classes. Online courses provide a time-saving and flexible way to learn at home. And in the same way that online courses free up time, they also save money. If you choose a good online Spanish course, you could benefit from high quality tuition at less than half the cost of presential group classes in your home country.

Among the many advantages of our service, the most important one is, no doubt, the possibility of talking with a native-speaking teacher of the Spanish Language, in a real-time, private conversation.

Amount of classes and frequency are determined by the student. Each student will be provided with all the necessary material and will have the advantage of contacting their teacher 24/7 via E-mail and instant messengers. In addition our online Spanish classes are very affordable.

Classes are fully multimedia, emphasizing conversation and fluency, helping the student to understand the language, both written and spoken.

Our Spanish tutors are highly qualified. They are native speakers, with specific training in the area of ​​teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Verbum has teachers especially trained in distance teaching, which will allow you to enjoy classes at home. This is an ideal solution to improve your language skills with a native speaking teacher with years of teaching experience. Classes are between 1 and 2 hours long and are individual.

If you learn Spanish online with us, our teachers will guide the entire teaching-learning process. Courses are available for all levels A1 (Beginner), A2 (Basic), B1 (Intermediate), B2 (Upper intermediate), C1 (advanced) and C2 (Superior). The advantage of this framework is that it mainly considers what a learner can do with the language. Although in our classes different parts of the language system (grammar, vocabulary, etc.) are discussed, our levels mainly indicate the student’s ability to function in communicative contexts. We also offer DELE, D.I.E and DELE exam preparation and online Spanish classes for specific purposes: medical Spanish, Business Spanish, and thematic workshops.

Before starting the course, you will sit a level test to verify that you can take the selected course level. Alternatively, you can contact us before booking your course, and we will test you to find out which level you should choose.

You will receive all the study material you need to learn Spanish online, as well as homework (exercises with solutions), so that  you can continue working at your own pace.