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Mark Juhas

I had a truly rewarding experience at Verbum. The school has a friendly, family feel to it. The materials were excellent and comprehensive. My teacher (Natacha), having a degree in literature, has an amazing knowledge of Spanish grammar. The classes were enjoyable, interesting, and flexible. When my head was spinning from structured grammar, we would shift to [...]

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Adam Sussman

Verbum school was a great part of our Argentinian experience. My family and I stayed in Buenos Aires for two months this past summer. The whole trip was fantastic and a lot of it had to do with Verbum. The school was in a great location. Easy to get to by bus or subway. The [...]

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Sol Lee

My experience at Verbum exceeded all the expectations that I could have had for any language school. My teacher, Laura, was excellent. She explained the toughest grammatical constructs with facility and clarity. And she was just a great person, in fact, much like the rest of the staff, who together made Verbum a wonderful place [...]

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Tom Brown and Elaine Mulcrone

We are leaving Buenos Aires after nine weeks of a great adventure. Your teachers gave us a terrific introduction to the Spanish language which enabled us to navigate our way successfully through our stay. Their skill in teaching, their understanding of the nuances of both English and Spanish, their patience, and their attentiveness were terrific. [...]

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Rebekah Park

This school exceeded all of my expectations. Not only did I have an excellent teacher and a full curriculum, including the political history of Argentina, but Verbum also arranged living accommodations and cultural activities. The teaching is excellent, organized and enjoyable. I learned a tremendous amount within 3 months and feel confident in my Spanish [...]

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Josina Raisler-Cohn

I thought that my teacher was excellent and very friendly. For the most part I thought that the study materials were very good and the reading material was interesting. Overal, I am very satisfied with the Spanish course as well as with the support that the school offered. The school was in a good location [...]

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