Restaurants with tasting menus are growing in number in Buenos Aires and around the world.

One of the restaurants which offer this option in Buenos Aires is “De Olivas i Lustres”, a funky restaurant located in 3972 Gorriti st. in the neighbourhood of Palermo. You have to get rid of all the prejudices and just sit down at a table to let the waiter bring whatever the chef recommends.
The place is filled to the brim with extravagant and original decorations. For example, on one wall, you will find a CD of The Beatlers and one of José Luis Perales, a Spanish singer. On another wall there are some Playmobil toys and a selection of laboratory objects. The decoration as well as the dishes are more enough reasons to know this restaurnat.

De Olivas i Lustres is well known for its tapas.
Although this restaurant also offers a traditional menu for the more old-fashioned clients, the adventure of letting the chef guide you is the high point of the experience.
It is advisable to make a booking in advance!

Important: you can only pay in cash at De Olivas i Lustre.
Open: from 8:30 pm to midnight
Phone: (54-11) 4867- 3388.

Marina Boschi