Red Door Pub
La puerta roja, located at 733 of Chacabuco Street in the San Telmo neighborhood, is part of the bars known as “secret places”. Arriving at a small red door is the only thing that identifies us that there is the bar. Inside, after climbing some stairs, we are in a kind of Irish pub, but with a multitude of environments, where we can be at tables to eat and chat, armchairs, stools, at the bar or in the billiards area. It highlights both its fast food offer and its alcohol list.

To “papear” (eat) we have numerous offers of pizzas. Also chips / nachos with chilli chesse or guacamole, muzzarrella fingers, spicy chicken wings, jalapenos, chicken wraps or hamburgers. It highlights the Super Nachos that include gratin cheese, pork belly, meat, cream cheese, chilly and guacamole: it is a real bomb.

As for the alcohols, offer of high brands of whiskey, gins, rums or fernets. It is worth mentioning its beer menu, of good quality and at a good price. Whether black, blond or red beers.

open from noon until dawn (12pm – 2 am), from Tuesday to Sunday.

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