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Burger Fest

The gastronomic festival that brings together the best burgers comes to the Rosedal of Palermo. The main star of the event will be the fast food icon that adds new followers every day. Hamburger fans can taste the best flavor combinations in more thanstands and food trucks. Burger Fest will also offer different street cooking [...]

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The most famous street in the neighborhood of La Boca, named Caminito, is a compendium of streets, a museum with open sky exposure, a pedestrian promenade where you can breathe and dance tango. It is worth taking a leisurely stroll among the dozens of craft and painting stalls that capture the Buenos Aires spirit. In [...]

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Julio Le Parc

Within the framework of the national tribute to this career, the great retrospective Julio Le Parc is presented. A visionary, an exhibition that unfolds in multiple spaces of the Kirchner Center. The sixth floor brings together an extensive selection of works by the multifaceted artist. In the Great Lamp you can visit light installations and [...]

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Villa Crespo Film Festival

Villa Crespo Neighbourhood film festival with one houndred percent national programming, fature film and short film competition, parallel sections and special activities. All the films of the festival will be presented live by their directors and / or protagonists. Functions: Friday, Saturday and Sunday from September 20th to September 29th. Adresses: 340 Antezana st. (Benito [...]

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El Teatro Colón

Considered one of the five best theaters in the world for its size, acoustic and architecture, the Teatro Colón is a must for anyone visiting Buenos Aires. Whether to take a guided tour of its interiors; to see an Opera, a Ballet or a Concert; or just to appreciate the building from the outside, the [...]

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Young Dance Fest

This weekend (September 14th & 15th), the Dance Fest selected ones will premiere the collective theatre and dance works that they created specially for the festival, and there will be visual and photo shows, and recitals of rap, trap, rock and pop with their bands and solo projects. The entrance is Free. Address: 1930 Junín [...]

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Gluten Free Market

A Gluten Free Market, this weekend, September 7th and 8th, in Almagro Square (Bulnes and Sarmiento st.) from 10 to 6 p.m. You will be able to taste and buy exclusive products and the best part is that if you are a celiac you will not worry at all because is all Gluten Free.   [...]

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A space where everything will be prepared to invite young and old people to exercise the imagination. During the next few months you will be able to participate in more than 250 workshops, exhibitions, interventions, recitals, plays, movies, fairs and talks. All activities for free! #ELRECOLETA Where? in Centro Cultural Recoleta, 1930 Junin St. (from [...]

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