Corrientes Street is one of the iconic avenues of Argentina, which transforms every night into the meeting point. Known as “The street that never sleeps”, the theaters make the traditional street an obligatory meeting point of Buenos Aires cultural life.

Know them:

Apollo (Corrientes 1372) Billboard

Astral (Corrientes 1639) Billboard

Astros (Currents 746) Billboard

Broadway (Corrientes 1155) Billboard

Multi-scene CPM (Currents 1764) Billboard

CTBA San Martín Theater (Corrientes 1530) Billboard

La Plaza Complex (Corrientes 1660) Billboard

Lola Membrives (Corrientes 1280) Billboard

Metropolitan Sura (Corrientes 1343) Billboard

Comafi Multitheater (Corrientes 1283) Billboard

Picadilly (Corrientes 1524) Billboard

El Nacional Sancor Seguros (Corrientes 950) Billboard

Great Rex (Currents 857) Billboard

Multitabaris (Currents 831) Billboard

Opera Orbis Seguros (Corrientes 860) Billboard

Maipo (Esmeralda 443) Billboard

Belisario (Corrientes 1624) Billboard

Terrace Theater (Corrientes 1660 local 48) Billboard

Losada Auditorium (Corrientes 1551) Billboard

C.C of Cooperation (Corrientes 1543) Billboard

Columbia (Corrientes 1537) Billboard

El Porteño (Corrientes 1630) Billboard

Colette Space (Paseo La Plaza) (Corrientes 1660) Billboard

The Cavern Buenos Aires (Corrientes 1660) Billboard

Open all year, from 7:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.

Corrientes Avenue between Callao and Libertad

Meeting point: 7 pm at Corrientes Av and Libertad st.

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