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Coatí Nasua Nasua

Also named Kuatí, in Guaraní; stick bear; sacha-monkey in Quichua lenguage; quatí, quatí mundéo or quati -de-vara in Brazil; badger they call him in Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia, and also in Colombia they call him cusumbo or gouache; coachí in French Guiana; Ring-Tailed Coati and South American Coati in English. They live in humid or [...]

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The giant Armadillo

"The giant Armadillo", "Tatú Carreta" or "Gurre grande" (Priodontes maximus) is a specie of cingulate mammal of the Dasypodidae family. It is the largest armadillo today, it was widely found in rainforests in eastern South America; and it extends in varied habitats, as in northern Argentina. It is also called, according to the region, as [...]

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Indigenous Argentine People

The indigenous people of Argentina, also called native people of Argentina, are the set of Amerindian individuals, communities and people that inhabited the current territory of Argentina at the time of the arrival of Europeans in the sixteenth century, as well as their current descendants and past -mixogenized or not with non-indigenous people- and those [...]

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Península Valdés

The Valdés peninsula is a coastal accident on the Argentine sea, in the province of Chubut, Argentina. It is currently part of the nine World Heritage Sites declared by Unesco in Argentina. It is a reserve of the patagonian nature, it is known for marine animals, specially because it receives the largest breeding population of [...]

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The Southern Whale

Declared a National Natural Monument by the Argentine authorities, the "Ballena Franca Austral" is also a monument in terms of size: the females measure an average of 16 eters long! Its habitat is found in the waters of the entire southern hemisphere, from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean. Is the undisputed star of Peninsula [...]

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Museums Night

This Saturay (November 2nd) museums and cultural spaces will open their doors on extended hours with more than a thousand free activities!! From 8 pm in each neighborhood you can visit thousands of public and private museums, parks, squares, markets; and you can participate and enjoy outdoor activities, food courtyards, shows and much more. As [...]

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