An Italian recycled mansion from the late 19th century was the starting point for a contemporary art center. The building dialogues with the neighborhood through its transparent facades providing an unprecedented landscape of the city of Buenos Aires.

At Proa Foundation they respect and aim to take care of the environment, both in their facilities and also to disseminate environmental premises in their public and in the community.

With an annual program of temporary exhibitions and the organization of seminars, courses, conferences and concerts, “Fundación Proa” is, since its inauguration, an essential point of reference for the arts of the City of Buenos Aires.

Its programming, focused on the dissemination of the great artistic movements of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, includes a diversity of current proposals such as photography, video, design, electronic music and the permanent implementation of special projects.

As part of its founding proposal, Proa develops education and exchange programs with prestigious cultural institutions.

The three-story building has four exhibition halls, a multimedia auditorium, a specialized bookstore, a restaurant with a terrace, as well as action and open spaces for the public and a transparent facade to communicate experiences from the inside to the neighborhood.

“Fundación Proa” carries out an intensive activity with the community through its education team, integrating the activities of the institution with the schools and educational entities in the area.

“Proa” is also in charge of the culture program of the Techint Organization (OT) globally. With nearly 60,000 employees worldwide, the OT is the most important industrial group in Argentina.

Fundación Proa is a private art center that has the permanent support of Tenaris – Techint Organization, world leader in the production of seamless pipes.

Proa is designed so that people with reduced mobility can enjoy the artistic experience. This allows them to tour the galleries, go to coffee, toilets or read books in the bookstore.

At the disposal of visitors, the Foundation has freely accessible wheelchairs that can be requested at the reception.

All levels of the Foundation are accessible by elevator and its rooms allow circulation for visitors with reduced mobility.

Proa has Wi Fi throughout the building. This allows you to download the Audioguides for free from any mobile device and our ProaTV programs that enrich the knowledge of the programmed activities.

Visitors have at their disposal individual wardrobes at the reception.

The auditorium is equipped with magnetic ring. An assisted listening system for hearing aid users.

Where? 1929 of Don Pedro de Mendoza Av., San Telmo neighborhood.

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