Are you looking for a special place for this 14th?
There is a very romantic option next to the river.
Enjoy the view in this atypical restaurant.

Valentine’s Day menu

1st plate (one of your choice)

• Nicoise salad (mix of green leaves, papines, chauchas, black olives, tomatoes, egg and citrus sauce).

• Buratas on bruschetta of country bread (with raw ham, basil, roasted tomato and honey sauce).

• Rabas a la romana (squid tube tender and battered in flour with tartar sauce)

• Skewers of breaded prawns (in Panko with Romesco sauce).


• Pumpkin ravioli with fine herbal creams

• Black rice with octopus, squid and calameritis

• Grilled pink salmon with spinach gratin and star potatoes.

• Chicken breast stuffed with cooked Gruyere, ham and red pepper, with risolee potatoes and mushroom cream.

• Bondiola black (coocked in black beer with caramelized sweet potatoes).

Desserts (one choice)

• Cheese flan with passion fruit reduction

• Chocolate trilogy (semi-bitter chocolate mousse, filled with milk chocolate, Creamy white chocolate.

Nespresso coffee


Red wine, white wine or sparkling Luigi Bosca + Water.

Where? Costanera Av. and Sarmiento Av.

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