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A palace in the city

Palacio Duhau - Park Hyatt Buenos Aires is a luxury hotel located in the traditional neighborhood of Recoleta. The two-building complex combines the luxury of an aristocratic palace with upscale contemporary design. Wine and Cheese Tasting The winery, "la Vinoteca" del Restaurant Duhau is the ideal place to taste the best Argentine wines paired with [...]

Pizza in the woods

"Francisca" settles in the Palermo Woods with a proposal for cooking in the oven of clay and specializing in pizzas. At first, it is difficult to understand the general concept of the place; Yes, they specialize in pizzas (delicious) but it is NOT a pizzeria. Far from being. In fact, the Moroccan / Oriental decoration [...]

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Tales for not sleeping In the Planetarium it is not worth sleeping. We will discover planets, nebulas, galaxies, thousands of stars in the sky, to draw constellations and tell the most beautiful stories under the starry sky! And don't forget ... The one who falls asleep ... loses! When? From 9/1 Tuesday to Friday: 3:00 [...]

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La puerta roja

Red Door Pub La puerta roja, located at 733 of Chacabuco Street in the San Telmo neighborhood, is part of the bars known as “secret places”. Arriving at a small red door is the only thing that identifies us that there is the bar. Inside, after climbing some stairs, we are in a kind of [...]

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Ciudanza: Dance in the City

A festival to understand and live our city in a different way, where dance is the discipline and the city the stage. This project invites you to live an experience of artistic intervention in urban landscapes, rediscovering the green spaces and the architectural heritage of the city. The scenarios are open sky, generating new [...]

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Buenos Aires Beach

As every year, during the summer, the Government of the City of Buenos Aires launches the Buenos Aires Playa program. This is developed within the Children's Park and the Indo-American Park. They are artificial sandy beaches with umbrellas, sun loungers, showers and have different activities for families to enjoy the sun and the outdoors. There [...]

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