“Francisca” settles in the Palermo Woods with a proposal for cooking in the oven of clay and specializing in pizzas.

At first, it is difficult to understand the general concept of the place; Yes, they specialize in pizzas (delicious) but it is NOT a pizzeria. Far from being. In fact, the Moroccan / Oriental decoration contrasts with the astro-mystical concept of the menu and in turn, with the presence of DJs several times a week. None of the above is a sign that shows the high quality of their pizzas.

They have variety of dishes, from nachos with guacamole and carrot hummus, to clay baked vegetables and various salads. My recommendation, however, is not to lose sight of the pizzas, because they are really tasty: baked sourdough and quality ingredients, individually sized for a dinner as such or to share between two and maybe eat something else. The “I did not forget” (no me olvidé) with 3 cheeses (mozzarella, parmesan and goat), caramelized onion and olive is sublime. The “Stracciatella unknown” (desconocida Stracciatella) with tomato sauce, basil, stracciatella, cashews and olive chestnuts and the “Spicy Tana” (Tana picante) also come out a lot and are much appreciated.

The modality is self-service and more youthful, nocturnal. The completely eclectic character of the menu, signature cocktails and thrown beer; combined with the two comfortable and cool environments outside, they make Francisca an ideal place for a chill outing with friends. And many times, with good background music to hear, or why not, to dance.

Av. Libertador 3883, Arco 14 (3883 of Libertador Av., 14th arch)

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