A trip to Argentina is a life lasting experience. You can learn a new language or improve your Spanish which will broaden your views and will help you to have more and better job opportunities. But here I want to share with you 3 other reasons to visit Argentina other than learning Spanish. My aim is to suggest 3 aspects of Argentina´s culture which, in my opinion, should be included in your trip to Argentina.

Tango show
Argentina is known and recognized worldwide for tango. Every year many tourists come to Buenos Aires to learn how to dance tango as main purpose. Because of that I suggest you enjoying one of the many tango shows offered. Some typical restaurants offer a dinner – show intended for tourists. But you can also enjoy a free and open air tango show in Caminito street in La Boca neighborhood (everyday) or in san Telmo market on Sundays.

Tango Show. Caminito. La Boca. Buenos Aires.

Tourism in Argentina
Argentina is plenty of touristic attractions. Travelling around Argentina you will be able to appreciate the variety of landscapes that this country offers. I highly recommend visiting 2 sites which are on the World Heritage list by UNESCO: the Glaciers National Park in Patagonia and Iguazú Waterfalls in the northeast of Argentina

The Glaciers. Patagonia. Argentina

Gaucho´s culture
Gauchos (our cowboys), the inhabitants of the Argentina´s Pampas, are a national symbol and had an important role in Argentina´s literature from XIX century, being the most famous book “Martín Fierro” by Argentinian writer José Hernández. Giving its importance, I suggest visiting an “estancia” (cattle ranch) where you will be able to watch a traditional folk show as well as a performance of the fantastic horse-riding skills.
You can also watch the gauchos and their skills at the traditional Mataderos market on Sundays (and for free!).
Gauchos. Matadero Market. Buenos Aires.

I believe that my suggestions offer an overview of the most significan aspects of Argentina´s culture. What do you think?

Finally I would like to add Leandro Centurións comment. According to him “The ‘gauchos’ in mataderos are nothing like real gauchos from the ‘interior’ of the country, and the later, would be insulted if they heard you call the former, gauchos. I also recommend visiting Salta, San juan and Mendoza, eating -good quality- asado grilled with firewood instead of charcoal, and drinking gallons of malbec 😀
Other than that, spot on.”

Marina Boschi