From January 23 to February 1, the best of international theater in Buenos Aires.

The International Festival of Buenos Aires, FIBA, brings together in each edition the best of theater, music, visual arts and dance. It has been, since 1997, one of the most important cultural events in the region, both for the international visits it calls and for the selection of national productions that are presented during the festival.

With the next 2020 edition, which will begin on January 23, the FIBA ​​becomes an annual festival and definitely consolidates itself as the summer festival in Buenos Aires, summoning equally those who live or visit the city to enjoy the talent of the best artists through performances, works and diverse urban tours, not only in theaters and cultural spaces but throughout the public space of the City.

This year the Festival will travel, especially, four themes: gender and diversity, environment, integration and technology.

From January 23rd to February 1st of 2020.

Different venues of the city.

International Festival of Buenos Aires

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