Tunnels and mystery. A trip to the origins of Buenos Aires. A magical space where poetry, history and myth coexist.
the most important archaeological recovery of the city.
755 of Defensa St., San Telmo neighborhood.

The Yards (Los Patios)
It was on this site that the destination allowed the accidental discovery of the bed of the old Zanjón de Granados, a natural depression that drained the rainwater from the highlands of the city to the Río de la Plata.
Abandoned and walled up with 4 meters of rubble inside, this house built in 1830 became in 1985 the entrance porch to the discovery of an amazing archaeological subsoil. This site delivered in 1580 to Juan González by the founder of the city, later belonged to an important family of the Buenos Aires society. the residence with 6 slaves around 1860, it was converted at the beginning of 1900 into a conventillo and a wine shop.

The Bridge (El Puente)
The accidental discovery of the northern branch under a paddle court on Chile Street in 1997 resulted in the last stage of the creation of the complex and the exhibition of the first drainage system of the colonial Buenos Aires.
An impressive space of sophisticated architectural design contains the ruins and memories of the past. This place was occupied by a Portuguese with 3 slaves in 1738 and by 1860 it appears on a cadastral plan belonging to the Davison family.
Tambo in 1892, conventillo at the beginning of 1900, dairy and parking lot.

Minimal House (La Casa Mínima)
A narrow house with a romantic balcony.
Recently restored, the minimum house of only 2.30 meters wide, offers us the mystery of its centuries-old walls surrounding the tiny yard and whispers myths and stories of that yesterday that is no longer there.
Nestled on a site where it was part of a large house, the minimum house retains its original materials from the early eighteenth century. With its walls of cooked mud and centuries-old remains of an old plaster, it invites us to cross that corner where the ghosts of the first traditions of Buenos Aires intermingle with the myth of the freed slave.

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