On Friday  we played Taboo.
I played taboo for first time. At the beginning I thought that the game consisted of performing acts considered taboo (maybe because Simon bought it for the school?) but, in fact,  it is a very amusing game with words.
School of Spanish - game Cédric, Vicki, Andreas, Nate, Simon, Romina and Marina ready to play

Later that day some of us went to have dinner at Toronto, a restaurant located in Caballito.School of Spanish - Restaurant  Adrian, Mark, Andreas (althoght we can not see Andreas well in the photo, he is dressing fashion as usual. I swear it!), Marina, Leslie and Nate.

Toronto is in 4471 Rivadavia Av., in Caballito neighbourhood.  It is one of many “tenedor libre” or “all-you-can-eat” restaurants. Perfect for group dining with samples of Argentinian fare along with representative dishes from all over the world.

There is also a grill from which you can order from a wide selection of meats.
And at only AR$10 for lunch and AR$12 for dinner.