Today, 9th of July, is our Independence Day – 9 de Julio. Althought it is a holiday, we had classes at the school and celebrated it eating something typical of Argentina, a sweet potato cake.

Establishing a free nation in 1816 was very important, but today another new also took a very important place in the newspapers. Today, for first time after 89 years, it snowed in Buenos Aires. We were so surprised that we go out to the school´s garden to see the snow and take pictures.

Around 3 pm, I saw a few flakes fall outside the window but I thought that it couldn’t be snow. It doesn’t snow here. Sometimes the students ask me: “Does it snow in Buenos Aires?” and I always answered: “No, it never snows here”… About every 5 minutes, I’d see another flake. Then it let loose. From that moment until now, it’s been snowing.

It’s the first snowfall here in the capital since 22th of June of 1918 and only the second snowfall in the city’s history. Thousands of Argentines cheered and threw snowballs in the streets of Buenos Aires. And so do I!

Anything is possible in Buenos Aires. Even snow.

Spanish school Verbum - Snow in Buenos Aires Marina, Jannes (Netherlands) and Olga at the school´s garden

Spanish school Buenos Aires Argentina snow Snowing in the Congreso building…

Spanish school Buenos Aires Argentina Snowing at Obelisco in 9 de Julio Av. and Corrientes Av.

Spanish school Buenos Aires Argentina Snow Snowing in San Martín Square

Spanish school Verbum - Snow in Buenos Aires