“La gente anda diciendo” (people are saying) is a new project to keep the way people talk in the street nowdays.They began uploading ten sentences heard in bars, buses and street. In a few days multiplied with the input of thousands of followers.
In the supermarket, bus stop, in a bar or shopping mall: people say phrases that call the attention of the listener who can decide to write them down, so that, instead of being lost forever, it survives stamped on the “wall” of Facebook or the page, that the project is on Twitter (“If you continue crying, I will send an email to Santa and will tell him not to bring you any gifts, eh! “Mom to her son. West Plaza Shopping. Monday, December). Some of these phrases, these fragments of conversations and dialogues are highlighted because they generate laughter, surprise and intrigue as to who said them. Others because they produce tenderness, admiration, or even rejection. And they are also phrases that establish a sort of personal connection, identification between those who said them and the reader. The truth is that all together make a real and spontaneous file of what “people are saying” or, as Tatiana, one of the creators of the initiative, “a portrait of how modern society is speaking”.
The project started in Buenos Aires and extended to other areas of Argentina and Uruguay.
If you hear a phrase which calls your attention and make you think, you can send this phrase to be published in the facebook fan´s page of this project. They even published a book!

2015-1-12 Gente diciendo1

People are saying: a man who is about seventy to another one while they are waiting for the doctor: “My grandchild planted a weird plant in my garden”.

2015-1-12 Gentediciendo2
People are saying: “I don´t have money to pay to a psychologist. Because of that I call you.”