Regular Verbs in the Present Tense
To form the present tense, drop the -ar, -er, or -ir from the root (or radical) of the infinitive and add the ending that corresponds to the subject. The following verbs can be used asa models for all regular verbs in the present tense.

Comprar (-ar) to buy
yo compro – I buy
vos/tu compras – you buy
el/ella/usted compra – he/she/(formal) you buy
nosotros compramos – we buy
ustedes compran – (plural) you buy
ellos/ellas compran – they buy

Aprender (-er) to learn
yo aprendo – I learn
vos/tu aprendes – you learn
el/ella/usted aprende – he/she/you learn
nosotros aprendemos – we learn
ustedes aprenden – you learn
ellos/ellas aprenden – they learn

Recibir (-ir) to receive
yo recibo – I receive
vos/tu recibes – you receive
el/ella/usted recibe – he/she/you receive
nosotros recibimos – we receive
ustedes reciben – you receive
ellos/ellas reciben – they receive

Also the present tense in Spanish can be translated as:
Yo compro – I buy, I am buying or I do buy

Some important facts:
* the first-person singular (yo) has the samee ending in all three conjugations.
* in the -er and -ir verbs conjugations, all third-person singular and plural forms have the same endings.
* the subject pronouns are usually omitted in Spanish. Verb endings give information about the subject.

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