Miriam Alejandra Bianchi known by her stage name Gilda, (borned in Buenos Aires in 1961) was an Argentine singer and songwriter of Cumbia Music.
She began the career of kindergarten teacher and gymnast teacher but she has to interrupt them in 1977 when her father died because she had to take care of her family.
She married and had two children, Mariel and Fabrizio Cagnin.
Her musical career began when she answered an ad in a newspaper, where they asked for vocalists for a group band. Her voice and her charisma earned her a place in that band and her family gave up, after a stubborn opposition, to which she ventured into the entertainment world.
Miriam became Gilda in honor to the femme fatal that Rita Hayworth embodied in the film with the same name.
In her short but successfully career, she achieved public recognition and after her tragic and premature death, the sale of her albums increased until she achieved several gold, platinum and double platinum records.

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