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Indigenous Argentine People

The indigenous people of Argentina, also called native people of Argentina, are the set of Amerindian individuals, communities and people that inhabited the current territory of Argentina at the time of the arrival of Europeans in the sixteenth century, as well as their current descendants and past -mixogenized or not with non-indigenous people- and those [...]

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Meet Argentine cuisine

One of the delights in Argentine cuisine are empanadas, specially salteñas (from Salta province), Salta empanadas are not spicy, they are small, juicy and -according to many- the most distinctive in the country. They are made with boiled potatoes, meat cut by knife, common onion, scallions, hard boiled eggs, bell peppers, ground peppers, cumin and [...]

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Argentine habits

This Friday August 23th and next Friday August 30th, at 20:30 hs in the City Museum (Museo de la Ciudad) There is a play about our Argentine trendings, music, celebrations and habits of urban Argentines between 1968 and 1988. It is Hilarious! The play involves the public. Free entrance!! Direction: Defensa 217  

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