The Yacarés inhabit northeastern Argentina, its largest distribution is in Mesopotamia. You can find Yacarés in the province of Misiones, Corrientes, Formosa and part of Santa Fe, Entre Ríos, Chaco and Salta. Some of the sites where colonies of Yacarés can be observed are: Esteros del Iberá (Corrientes), Iguazú National Park (Misiones), PreDelta National Park (Entre Ríos), Pilcomayo River (Formosa), Bermejo River (Chaco) and River Islands Paraná (Santa Fe).
The yacaré in its adult state can exceed 2.5 meters long and weigh more than 50 kilos.
They are carnivores and the largest predators of rivers, estuaries and lagoons. Their diet is based on fish, water birds and small mammals such as coyps, otters and capybara pups.
Inhabits rivers, streams, estuaries, lagoons and swampy areas. Especially in calm waters and with aquatic vegetation.

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