Howdy everyone,
    Well, Bariloche is treating me very well. My friend Matt arranged a house for us to stay in. Some Kiwi friends of his rented the place for five months, and just took off traveling until Christmas. Hence, we have a two story, three bedroom house just up the hill from downtown to stay in. Gratis! 

School of Spanish - Mark´s house in Bariloche 

 We’ve been hanging out sharing good times and cooking great meals. It has been welcome period of relaxation after my busy city schedule. And , I’m saving lots of money!
     This area is really beautiful. Bariloche is a good sized, yet very tranquil town that’s right on the edge of the Nahuel Huapi National Park, sitting on the shore of the enormous (557 sq. km.) lake of the same name. Yesterday Matt and I went for a little hike to a beautiful alpine lagoon (Laguna Verde) in the Valle del Challhuaco.

School of Spanish  - Laguna Verde - mark 

It was a perfect day. Actually the weather has been about perfect since I arrived… warm (70ish) days and cool (40ish) alpine nights. We had lunch by the lagoon and lazed away the afternoon sharing great (often hilarious) conversation and absorbing the scenery while watching a family of Ashy-Headed Geese.

School of Spanish - Bariloche 

I am looking forward to exploring the national park. It’s amazing, with endless trekking opportunities.

     So I have had the week off I had promised myself upon finishing work in BuenosAires. This week I will be hunting work and a place to live. The current living situation really takes the pressure off! I am going to investigate a town about 130km south called El Bolson.

School of Spanish - Road to El Bolson(See picture of the road leading there)

It is an “comunidad ecologico”, with many organic farms and an artisan community. Bolson is well known for it’s hops production and it’s microbrewery, as well as it’s beauty and access to many outdoor adventures. I will be dropping in to see how they do it in Argentina. So I will be exploring, meeting people and trying to find a niche… though the niche I am now in is wonderful… Matt and I have become great friends in no time.
     So I am relaxed, content, eating well, laughing a lot, and a bit sunburned. (Thin Ozone down here!) I’m so happy I decided to come here. It’s my kind of place!!!