…and, there are the animals; those that are cared for by other people and those that are hanging out in the streets and have to find their own food. Like in NYC, BA has dog walkers and many of them have up to 10 dogs to walk. During the week it is quite normal to see young men walking on the street with a bunch of dogs. Buenos Aires is a dog-loving city. Porteños love their dogs and in winter time a lot of their 4 legged friends stroll down the streets wrapped in their dog coats or other funny piece of winterwear. Dog walkers are hired as dog sitters, if you want to call it that. But it seems to be socially acceptable to leave the poo where it falls. Thus, one needs to watch where one steps…School of Spanish - perros Verbum - School of Spanish - dogsVerbum School of Spanish - dogs Dogs at the park which is one block away the school. 

And it is very touching to see that even those who have nothing share everything with their canine friends.  School Spanish Verbum - dogs

Thanks Davi for the photos!