A wireless hotspot enables users with wireless-enabled laptop computers to access the Internet, without the need for any networking cables or any other additional equipment.

Lycos offers a service to locate the closest hotspot in any place of the world: http://wifi.lycos.es There you can download a program which enables you to find ,even when you are not connected, more than 180.000 hotspots in 130 countries.

Although many hotspots are not free, specially the ones offered in hotels, airports or restaurants, it is also possible to find a free or really inexpensive wifi connection, such as that offered by http://www.fon.com “Foneros” share some of their home internet connection and get free connection to “FON spots” worldwide. To join it is necessary to buy a “fonera” or special modem. It is a directional antenna that sends the WiFi signal further, boosting the coverage of the FON Community by up to five times. When “Foneros” install it, the whole Fon’s community benefits with much greater WiFi coverage for everyone, everywhere.

Last year more than 100.000 internet users joined Fon and you can find the Fon spots at http://maps.fon.com

In case you are not a Fon user, you can also use it but, in this case, the owner of the hotspot decides if he/she offers it for free or not.

You can also look for information in a directory. An important directory to search hotspots anywhere in the world is http://www.jiwire.com

You can also search the directory http://www.hotspot-hotels.com specialized in hotels with wifi access.

Another option is to go to a cybercafé or internet café. Some websites with information about cybercafés are http://www.latinworld.com/special/cybercafes.html which offers information for Latin America (there is a similar one with information for North America: http://www.internet-cafe-guide.com ). Other websites are http://www.netcafes.com with information about 141 countries and http://cybercafe.katchup.co.nz/search.asp