Isla Margarita (Margarita Island), known as the “Pearl of the Caribbean”, is a mountainous tropical Caribbean island located off the north shore of Venezuela. The island has more than 50 beaches, scattered along 106 miles of coastline. Many visitors enjoy the island’s breathtaking beaches, nightlife and duty-free shopping.

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Isla Margarita is well known for the quality of its beaches. Being an island, beaches surround it, and there is one for every taste. There are no private islands in Margarita, so you can go to a hotel’s beach even if you are not staying there. Most have white sand and palm trees and offer services for beach-goers. Yet you can find small or secluded beaches too.

– Playa El Agua is the most popular of all the Margarita Island beaches. It’s the island’s longest, widest, busiest beach.
– El Yaque beach is located in the South of Isla Margarita and is a windsurfing/kite surfing paradise, due to its perfect wind conditions during the whole year.
– Playa Parguito is situated in the Southeast end of Isla Margarita and its oceanic waters have made it a perfect place for surfing. There’s always young people, music and parties in playa Parguito.
– Playa Caribe is beautiful, quiet and peaceful with very lovely beaches.

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El Yaque beach

The island is formed by two peninsulas joined by a low altitude isthmus called La Restinga with a lagoon of the same name, where there are two breast shaped hills known as Tetas de Maria Guevara. La Restinga is also a gorgeous national park consisting of an amazing mangrove forest, water channels and lagoons. From the entrance, you can pay to take a boat ride through the various channels of the lagoon. The channels have names such as “Mi Dulce Amor” (My Sweet Love), “Canal del beso” (Kiss Channel), “Túnel de los Enamorados” (Lovers’ Tunnel), or “Paraíso del amor” (Paradise of Love). The park is home to tree crabs, sea horses brightly colored starfish as well as many species of birds, among which are flamingos, pelicans, blue herons, egrets, gulls, and of course the margaritan blue-crowned parrot which does not exist anywhere else in the world.

Margarita’s capital, La Asunción, is a beautiful, quaint colonial village where you can admire the 16th – 18th century architecture. The Plaza Bolivar has a 15th century church that is rumored to have taken 500 years to build.

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La Asunción

Spanish school Buenos Aires, Spanish courses Buenos Aires
La Asunción

Margarita offers interesting shopping opportunities. The island is a duty-free port, which means that goods are declared exempt from tax. This makes the prices about 15-20% lower than on the Venezuelan mainland and both Venezuelans and travelers take advantage of it.

Margarita’s nightlife is also diverse, you can find something for everyone: Shows, discotheques, pool, bars and nightclubs, each of them with a different feel. Gamblers will find different options between casinos, bingos and slot machines to try their luck.

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