Student’s day is a day of the year celebrated in many countries and is usually related with youth and spring.

In Argentina, Student’s day is celebrated September 21st this also coincides with the beginning of spring and the day of the repatriation of the remains of the famous Argentinean teacher and president Domingo F. Sarmiento. Therefore there is a kind of unification of three events and the day is celebrated by everyone in Argentina.

Its origin is traced back to a proposal made by Salvador Debenedetti (a student at the moment, then he became a famous archeologist) in 1902 when he was the president of a Student Center of the University of Buenos Aires. His proposal was accepted and applied first in the University and then in the rest of the country.

In this type of celebration, youth is the main protagonist. There are usually all kinds of outdoor activities, live shows, concerts, etc. The Argentineans celebrate mostly by getting together with friends, having picnics and enjoying the outdoor life.

Here in Verbum, we took our students to Palermo to see the wonderful landscapes and activities that were held there. They spent a truly Argentinean spring / student’s day!