The Tango Festival is an event that takes place in Argentina every year around August. This year, the 7th edition was held from August 14th to August 31st.

The tango festival is a celebration of that genre in its different aspects. This festival helps in many ways; it urges the creation of new things, the recovery and the revalue of artistic and cultural heritage, the fostering of stylistic diversity and culture consumption, and the promotion of creative industries of the field.
The Tango Festival strengthens those historical lines and establishes itself as the main showcase of the tango activity, a place where the big names of the genre and the new generations can talk freely.

The activities are planned day by day. This festival is full of different things to do, shows to watch, seminars and dance lessons to attend to and the great annual challenge: the best dancers contest in Buenos Aires for the world title in the categories of Salon Tango and Stage Tango. Hundreds of couples, from Argentina and abroad, are judged by a panel of remarkable artists.

7th Tango Festival - 1

7th Tango Festival - 2

7th Tango Festival - 3

7th Tango Festival - 4

7th Tango Festival - 5

7th Tango Festival - 6

7th Tango Festival - 7