If you feel like enjoying a very good restaurant, Argentine barbecue and typical dishes and, at the same time, spending a day in the countryside, “Rodizio campo” is a very good option.
This is a luxurious 19 century style restaurant. Before lunch, they offer a typical breakfast and before and after lunch there are many recreational activities, such us golf, taking a horse-drawn carriage ride, playing in the soccer field, visiting the barn, etc.
Spanish school Buenos Aires - Rodizio campo
Some of us enjoying in the gardens of Rodizio Campo

Spanish school Buenos Aires - Rodizio campo
Just arrived

Spanish school In Buenos Aires- Verbum - Rodizio campo
Having lunch in a great environment!

Spanish school Buenos Aires - Verbum - Rodizio campo
Yes, there is a swimming pool 🙂

It is located in route 5, km 71, Luján (Luján is 67 km away Buenos Aires city). Their website is http://rodiziocampo.com.ar/