Some weekends ago we made a trip to Colón town in Entre Ríos province.

Right on the Uruguay riverside, stands this beautiful city with gentle terrein slopes and fully wooded streets that still preserves the peace of a small town- ideal for the tourist rest. This city, also called ”Paradise city” possess natural beauties that have attracted the tourist from decades, turning this city into the Tourism Provincial Capital.
This charming place displays a wide range of services for tourism, offering from international level hotels to qualified camp-grounds with the essential facilities for setting up tents, motorhomes and the like.
Colón is the center of an important touristic region. Though it is a relatively small city, it features high-quality hotels, a casino, and camping sites. It also has hot springs and associated facilities. The neighboring towns allow for small-scale historical sightseeing, since they were mostly created as agricultural colonies by European immigrants (especially from Switzerland).
In Colón you can also enjoy the river side, swimming in the river.
And if you are vegetarian, there is even an vegetarian restaurant that I highly recommend: “Verde gourmet” located in 168 Peyret st.
Spanish school in Buenos Aires - Colón
In the Colón area (about 60 km from the city) lies the El Palmar National Park, a large reserve of Yatay palm trees (Syagrus yatay), informally known as “Palmar de Colón”. It was declared a national park in l966. There are different types of landscapes each with its special flora and fauna. The most contrasting areas are the huge forest of palm trees that grew in the high grounds and the subtropical jungle situated along the streams and the Uruguay river. It is very interesting to see some animals in this park like vizcachas, lizards, foxes, capybaras, deer, rheas and colourful birds. You will also discover astonishing landscapes following different paths on foot or by car.
Spanish school Buenos Aires - El Palmar
The Palacio San José, former country residence of General Urquiza and now a national monument, is also near Colón, closer to the city of Concepción del Uruguay. It has 38 rooms with excellent furniture of the time and three important gardens among other historical places.
And the most important attractions of this place, in my view, are the thermal waters that we have enjoyed!