In December 25 th, Laura, one of our teachers, left Buenos Aires to move to Amsterdam.
The weekend before we organized a bye bye party in my apartment. Many of the students and teachers joined the party and was good fun.
Spanish school Verbum - Party

Spanish school - Verbum - Party

 And I went to visit Laura at her house the day before her departure. And after eating pizza, ice-cream and when most people had left, we continued chatting. And we were not able to stop talking. We talked about the school, the students and of course, some personal matters that I can not tell you here… 😉. Saying goodbye implied being conscious that we were not going to see each other again for a long time and that is difficult to accept when you are a close friend to someone.
So we continued chatting for a long long time, remembering many moments that we shared together. We even remembered study material that we prepared together, like the one called “la polilla fashion” (the fashion moth) about a moth which only ate fashion clothes and we laughed a great deal imagining which students and teachers would have problems if such a moth actually existed. 
And we talked and we finally said good bye as if we were going to see each other again the next day.
I don’t know when will be the next day of that day. I just want to say here that I care about her, that I miss her and she must get a mattress because I am going to visit her some day and I will need a place in her new apartment.!
If you are living in Amsterdam and wish to take Spanish classes, I highly recommend her as a person and as a teacher. Laura´s e-mail is
School of Spanish - Verbum - LauraLaura just arrived.