Buenos Aires celebrates this Mexican tradition.

On Friday, November 2, we will celebrate the Day of Saints and the Dead with a performance by the artist Ariadna Pastorini that will bring together more than 80 artists from different disciplines – writers, musicians, performers, artists – in an ephemeral tour that proposes to celebrate life.
It will take place between 6 pm and 9 pm at Eduardo Sivori´s museum, 555 Infanta Isabel Av. in Palermo.
It will start with a welcome to discover new meanings among books-objects, there will also be musicians going on pilgrimages inside and outside the museum, writers and poets approaching the words, performers delighting the public with their creations and a group of artists displaying their gourmet productions, which will be then tasted by the people. All will come together in a great banquet to honor life in communion with the works performed.

Each phase of this celebration will be recorded audiovisually, to conclude in an intimate celebration, generating an aesthetic identity that reflects the events of the local scene.

This event finds a precedent in 1993, when Sebastián Linero, Ariadna Pastorini and Alfredo Londaibere promoted a particular way of dealing with the issue of death through an annual celebration on the Day of the Dead that lasted until the year 2000, to resume in 2017 in the Recoleta cementery. This year, the proposal will go through different spaces of the Sívori Museum.