In Jujuy, Argentina there is the most marvelous hill in the world, it has 7 different colors because of the marine, lake and river sediments that were deposited in the area for millions of years.

Pink color: composed of red clay, fangolites (mud) and arilites (sand). Estimated age: 3 to 4 million years.

White color: limestone, white ones. Age: 400 million years.

Brown and purple colors: Composed of lead and hardy marls, rich in calcium carbonate. Age: 80 to 90 million years.

Red color: composed of clays (iron) and clays belonging to the upper Tertiary. Age: 3 million years old.

Green color: composed of phyllites, copper oxide slates. Age: 600 million years.

Earthy brown color: fanglomerate composed of manganese rock belonging to the Quaternary. Age: 1 to 89 million years.

Mustard yellow color: calcareous sandstone with sulfur. Age: 80 to 90 million years.

Now you know, you can’t miss this marvel! Only in Argentina 🤩